Pets In The Kitchen Sample Pack

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Fresh Pet Food Pets In The Kitchen Sample Pack 

Sold 8 units per case.

This amount would be enough for one month if used as a meal topper for one dog approximately 55lbs in size.

See feeding instructions for exact details.

Each ingredient in our fresh pet food for dogs and cats has been purposefully selected, trialled, tested, and sent to our nutritionist for triple-checking, so there is literally no bones about it!

You can recognize every ingredient in our fresh pet food. The low glycemic vegetables in our fresh dog and cat food mean low in sugar. Instead of thickening with the usual grain and corn culprits, we use ground coconut, flaxseed, chia seed, and buckwheat flour, which are grain-free and have myriad of healthy blessings.

All products are available for sale individually at our partner retail stores. 

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